Friday, June 2, 2017

Sponsorship program interviews in the mountains

Our sponsorship program is for students from very poor families whose homes are near the Laos border.

CEF staff are there in the mountains this weekend interviewing new children and their families who are in need of educational support. They also are re-assessing the girls we have been helping over the last year or two.

This scholarship program's goal is to help girls complete high school giving them more opportunities than many of their friends and relatives who didn't complete school, have married and started families while still of school age. Another important purpose is to help keep them safe and reducing their chances of being trafficked. Being in school makes a difference.

On top of helping keep them stay in school we also run educational programs including anti-trafficking, female health care and hygiene. We also cover contraception as unfortunately teenage pregnancies are not unusual here as the students board as their homes are so far away from school.

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