Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Free dental care for CEF students

Thanks to both East meets West Dental and Go Philanthropic some of the CEF students had dental care with no costs involved. East Meets West provides free dental care for CEF students each summer. Their teeth are examined and treated and they learn about dental hygiene and receive free toothpaste and a toothbrush. 

Go Philanthropic provides CEF with our Healthy Kids Fund which provides us with funds to take care of our students health and that enables us to provide transport for the students to get to the dentists and home to receive dental care. 

When Vietnamese are poor they do not go to the dentist for check ups and only go after they have suffered dental pain for some time, or if the child has missed more than a day or two of schooling.

We hope that over the years there will be less and less of our CEF students in need of dental care and that they will take more care of their teeth.   


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