Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chris has not only sponsored 4 children but raised funds for 3 roofs

Chris has been very kind and generous; he is a man with a big heart. He has sponsored two boys for several years and recently started to help two girls with their education and one with food too. He has also arranged the sponsorship of another girl. He has couch surfers stay at his home and they have made donations and he has been able to raise funds for three new roofs this way. The three families had seriously delapidated roofs and one roof is now complete, one nearly complete and one is to have work starting on it next week. All three families will be dry for the rainy season and so will their school books! The families are thrilled and so are we! Thank you Chris for your big heart,kindness and generosity!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dental care for some of the CEF children

Some of our children have just received dental care from 'Vietnam Vision'. 'Vietnam Vision' is based in Sydney and their team visits Vietnam yearly and provides free medical care, particularly cataract surgery.
This year they also provided free dental care. Some of 'our children' who lived near the hospital where they were based on this trip were able to benefit from this generous help.
Most waited with apprehension, but as you can see from a couple of the pictures, it was fun for some! The girl who you see laughing was very confident that she had good teeth and no cavities, but she had cavities, as did half of 'our children'.
Thank you 'Vietnam Vision' for this very generous and beneficial gift!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our Board of Directors

As the founding director and manager of CEF, I feel a good board of directors and advisors is crucial for the support we need, not just practically, but also emotionally. I am blessed with a caring, considerate, conscious and compassionate board, and advisors as well. They don't just care about the charity; what it is doing, how it is growing, and developing and it's future, but they also care about the families, about myself, and our staff. Most of my board and some of our advisors have even been to Vietnam to see the work we do and to experience it first hand. This has been very helpful as well, as their advice has then become even more finely attuned. This support is invaluable and hugely appreciated!