Saturday, November 6, 2021

Creative thinking helping make ends meet

CEF's Thuy Tran shares about this creative family and the efforts they have been making to bring in an income, especially Kieu who was laid off due to the Covid lockdown in Da Nang:

Currently, Kieu and her twin sister stay at their home on the outskirts of Kham Duc town, a mountainous area of Quang Nam. They graduated from university last June and both got jobs in Da Nang city. Unfortunately, Kieu’s company closed down due to the Covid lockdown, so she lost her job last month. Her twin sister luckily can work online from home. So, they decided to go home to reduce their rental costs and help their parents until the lockdown finished. Although their parents have five daughters, they all work or live far from home, so they feel very happy to have the twins at home for a while. Very early each morning, Kieu helps her mother water vegetables, as well as cut some for her mother to sell at their local market. After doing all the housework, she also crochets some products to sell online.