Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Guest blog by Graeme - One of the girls in Children's Education Foundation's sponsorship program

With her Granny
I have met L and her Granny a few times and the time before I took this photo I remember going to her house. Granny, clearly in some pain, was welcoming. She seemed both strong, determined and at the same time not really coping with the task of caring for a young girl whose father was dead and whose mother had left her for another man and is never in touch with her. I don’t really know how they get on together but I guess it must be hard for them both. Granny with not long to live and L with most of her life ahead.

When I saw L two weeks ago she was not happy, as you can see in the photo. Granny was sweet but still in pain. I thought, why should L be happy, so I just accepted it, and she got on with what she had to do too answering a questionnaire and signing the contract to receive her payment for this term's school costs. How was I to know what was going on for her? Life’s hard enough as it is without me expecting her to be a certain way. She didn’t smile that day but I did, knowing that at least she’d be finishing school if she wants and that Granny knows that too.

Graeme Burn

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