Thursday, October 18, 2012

We are looking for 3 long term volunteers in Australia

Children's Education Foundation is only a small non-profit organization helping poor girls in Vietnam to receive an education, but we do need some help! If you would like to help us and can make a long term commitment we would love to talk with you.

An experienced book keeper - We need a long term volunteer:
This person would preferably be in Sydney to be able to easily meet with the Australian CEF manager to work on accounts. A monthly meeting would be required. Experience with Salesforce is preferable.

An experienced website person - We need a long term volunteer:
Someone who would be happy to do a major upgrade to the website every couple of years and to add newsletters, photos or new information up to 4 times a year. Communication can be by email.

A sponsor communications person - We need a long term volunteer:
We need someone who already has experience with sponsor communication for a charity. They preferably need to be in Sydney so the Australian manager can meet with them and so I can meet with them when in Australia.

Please email me if you think you can help with one of these CEF needs with your name, where in Australia or Sydney you live, a contact number and how you feel you could help us.

Thank you!