Monday, May 21, 2018

Wishes to be a psychologist ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Vy

I was very impressed and touched when reading a letter written by a student to her sponsor in which she talked about why she harbors a dream of being a psychologist. N is not your typical 18-year-old young Vietnamese woman as her thinking is unusual. But she also is concerned that she might not easily be employed after her university graduation.
“I want to be a psychologist, which is very strange for a girl of my age according to the opinion of my friends. At my school, it has never been mentioned by my teachers in the career’s advice sessions, so it is totally new to my friends. I heard about this job through an article in a newspaper when I was in grade 10. There was a story about a family having a son with serious depression. His family had not noticed their son’s problem. Then he committed suicide.
His family were very sad and regretted having not cared enough for their son. Since then, I have started reading more about psychology and gradually realized that I want to do something to help people with psychological problems. This job is essential in the field of mental health care. In fact, it is popular in developing countries, but in Viet Nam it is not mentioned a lot in daily life. Here they tend to care about their finances and physical health more than their mental health.
One month ago, I found out an interesting online forum called SOS – share our stories. It mainly talks about sexual abuse, how it happens and how the abused are helped. In this forum, there are many real-life cases in which the abused have kept their stories for many years because no one knew how to help them until this forum appeared.
At school, our lessons are almost only theory such as geography, history or numbers. It lacks life skills like how to protect ourselves from dangerous situations. So, I am very worried about my future if I graduate from psychology because whatever degree we graduate with should meet the requirements of the labor market of the time. I think I should have more ideas for my future just in case. I hope you will support me no matter what my plan is.”

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Wishing our CEF mothers a 'Happy Mother's Day'

They won't be celebrating Mother's Day, but I am thinking of them. I think of them often and highly respect them. They may not be educated, but they know how to work hard and do whatever they can to support their families. Besides being hard-working, they are caring and loving mothers and do the best they can. Sometimes they are in tears telling us about their stresses knowing they can't push their bodies any more to work any extra hours, yet can't make ends meet.  They often feel they are terrible mothers as they are working all the time and not home much, and are not available for their children much. Sadly they have no choice.  

When I hear their stories of their ongoing work and work hours it is hard to believe they can do it. I just don't know how they can day after day as I know I couldn't! Poverty and lack of education is the reason that keeps them working. They have no choice.  An education makes all the difference and gives choices!

This mother is a rice farmer and grows vegetables for the family. Her husband can't help due to a stroke, so she has to earn to support two children, herself and her husband. When she can get any extra work she takes it on, such as making chairs, working for other farmers, or doing some forestry work.

 This mother is a rice farmer, and grows vegetables to eat and sell. She has no husband to help with earning to support her mother and daughter.

This mother is a rice farmer and garbage collector. She has no husband to help with earning to support her mother and two daughters.

She is a rice farmer and peanut farmer. She also collects garbage to help earn enough to support her three children. Her husband died many years ago so she has no one else to help.

 Rice, peanut and corn farming and working in a factory full time keep this mother occupied 7 days a week and 14 hours a day. Her husband can't help with bringing in an income as he has serious back damage, but he can be home for the children.

She is a rice farmer and has some livestock in an effort to bring in enough income to support her three children and her mother. Dad died a few years ago.  

For these women it is impossible to pay for their children's education and one or two of their children are sponsored through CEF, removing some of the financial burden for these mothers.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Happiness = Quite a lot of children have been sponsored recently

Big thanks to Shalimar, Marina, Bruce and Cheryl, John and Serena and Kay and Bruce for taking sponsorships on recently. We at CEF are thrilled as are the girls and their families!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Her dream is that dad was still alive ~ Guest blog by CEF's Thuy Tran

Dad passed away last year from kidney failure after 12 years of dialysis. He was a fantastic, loving, gentle and caring dad. He helped his children with homework and to understand what being good children required.
She was lucky to have such an amazing father and consequently she misses him a lot and dreams that he is alive and the family can all go to the park together.