Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Successful university entrance results; another CEF girl to go to university

This sweet girl comes from a challenging family situation, but is full of positivity and determination; she has the potential to change her life and that of her mother and grandmother.

H (far right) - 2011

Both her grandmother and mother have had, and still do have, careers as garbage collectors including recycling. Granny although old, still works in Da Nang collecting garbage, and only illness stops her. Mum hasn't got good health, but still works full time as well. Sometimes in the holidays and weekends H (we will call her) used to go into Da Nang to help granny with her work when granny was tired or ill. She is both hardworking and compassionate and actually is a very sweet young lady.

H (second from left) with sister, mother and grandmother

CEF has had a sponsor for H for three years now and thanks to them she has been able to go to, and complete, high school. Her results before high school were only mediocre and we wondered if she would make it through high school. But each year her results have improved due to her not having to worry about the costs of her education, not having to collect garbage very often, and also knowing she can have what is called 'extra tuition' each year. 'Extra tuition' fills in the gaps; covers the school curriculum that is not covered in school hours.


In her high school uniform, the traditional 'ao dai'

We are very proud of her and thrilled she was successful in getting into university to study to be a literature teacher. This has been her dream for some years and now she can accomplish it!

With her sister and mother

Sunday, August 3, 2014

CEF has lovely new t-shirts because of the generosity of New Paradigm Promotions

CEF now has some useful CEF t-shirts for both the female and male staff, the board and volunteers. New Paradigm Promotions did the graphics and production, and the result is really lovely.

The new CEF t-shirts ~ girls and guys styles

The front of the t-shirt and the back of the t-shirt

The t-shirts are a practical and soft lightweight cotton which is perfect for Vietnam's climate. They will be very useful! The staff know about the t-shirts, but need to wait patiently until I get back to Vietnam with them.

Thank you to Linda at Go Philanthropic for the introduction, and to Greg  Rivers at New Paradigm Promotions for his kindness and generosity.