Saturday, March 23, 2013

UTS Fundraisers for CEF (blog by Graeme)

For two years or so we've been holding various events at the University of Technology in Sydney to raise funds for CEF's programs. Just before Christmas Lyn donated one of her rich fruit cakes and we made $355 for New Year food parcels for the poorest families in CEF's programs.

On most Saturdays Anna brings in chocolate biscuits and we raise about $25 each time. These donations add up to enough for the school costs of at least one girl over a year.

We've also been supporting two girls and one of the girls, Phuong, completed her schooling last year. So this Saturday we had an Easter raffle to pay for Phai who we're now helping. We raised $160!

Thanks to all our supporters who brought in Easter produce and who brought tickets, and especially to Anna, who is the mainstay of these events.

'New bike for Vi'

Today Vi, who is one of our educational sponsorship programs, received a 'new' secondhand bike.

When Vi was in primary school she just walked a few minutes to school. But now she has moved up to middle school she needs to travel about 10 km to school. She needed a bike to get there easily. A local pagoda kindly gave us one of their old delapidated one. We had it repaired; new wheels, tires, and seat, as well as adding a basket.

She is thrilled as now she can get to school in 30 minutes on the bike. Her family are happy too as they are challenged financially, as dad has cancer and hasn't been able to work for many years now.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Donation of aprons and easels for CEF art days from 'Reaching Out' in Hoi An

'Reaching Out' have donated easels and painting aprons for CEF art days. This gift is not just thoughtful and generous, but special too as 'Reaching Out' staff have disabilities.

The aprons are beautiful, well made, as well as practical; as one side is an oil cloth. The easels will be very useful too!

Thank you to the staff of 'Reaching Out' and to the amazing couple who started up 'Reaching Out'; Binh and Quyen.

Please see the 'Reaching Out'website

If in Hoi An, Vietnam please visit their handicraft shop with beautiful and unique gifts on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. If in need of refreshments such as exquisite flavoured and fragrant teas please visit their beautiful tea house near by, on Tran Phu Street.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

CEF staff member Hieu

I am Hieu from Hoi An.

I have been working as a part time staff at CEF for about 1 year already.
Before working for CEF, I spent my free time hanging around or going to some coffee shops with my friends. I always wished that I could find a part time job or voluntary work to do with my free time. I did think of working freelance from home. However I don’t think that I suit this kind of work. All I want to do is something that I can utilize my accounting skill and work with vulnerable children as well as their families.

One day the director at my official working place introduced me to Ms Linda and asked if I wanted to work for CEF. I was so happy that I accepted the offer as it matched with what I longed for. It is so great to work for Linda and her great staff.

For the first few months, I worked on accounting only. In July 2012, I was offered a new chance and challenge which was managing about 20 children in Hoi An. The task was quite new to me. Although I have some experience with charity work however I have not worked directly with local people. I considered this as a new challenge for me to discover myself and also a great chance to devote for the poor.

It has gone well since then. Although now I am busy and have less time for my family and friends, I spent my time in a useful way.