Saturday, August 7, 2021

Thrilled to be accepted into university

CEF's Kim Chi shares about Anh, one of CEF's high school graduates:

Anh is another student who decided to put in an application to university using her results in math, literature and English over the three years of high school instead of using her final high school exam results. She received the good news in the late evening and couldn’t sleep as she didn’t believe her eyes. She sent me this sweet message:

‘I had mixed feelings of joy and sadness receiving this news.  I had been sad and had been crying on and off as I read earlier in the day that I required a score of 26.95/30 to study Korean as Da Nang University, and my average score in the three subjects was 26.89/30. I had a strong belief that I would be able to pass this course, but unbelievably this year required a higher score!

On the same day, at 11 PM, I got an email from the university confirming that I was accepted into Da Nang University of Foreign Language Studies, to major in Korean, my first choice for my university studies. The first prize I got in the provincial merit competition in history in grade 12 was a credit which went towards my university application.  I was over the moon and wanted to let my parents know right away, but they were sleeping. I couldn’t sleep that night, so I told my elder sister and sent messages to my best friend and CEF. I am still in seventh heaven right now! It is a result of my three-years of effort and a good start for my future.’