Tuesday, August 6, 2013

About Lien, who is one of our valued staff and a dear friend

I am very blessed to have Lien helping CEF and myself in Vietnam. Lien does everything from referring children to CEF to be assessed due their extreme poverty, to visiting them to see if their story is true, collecting information, setting up the use of the local community halls to have events with the children and getting the right paperwork done, dealing with local authorities when required, finding lost visitors, shopping for supplies for special events at Vietnamese prices, cooking delicious vegetarian meals for CEF staff and myself, and much much more. Lien is also a caring friend who goes way beyond her work duty often. If it wasn't for her, my life in Vietnam would be quite challenging and much more costly.

Lien said the following about working for me and CEF: "Linda is not a Vietnamese person and Linda is from a very far away country. Linda has come here and has stayed here for a long time to help the poor children in Viet Nam. So this makes Lien appreciate this work and Lien wants to help CEF as well as help Linda. If CEF could not exist, what would happen? This is the reason why Lien wants to help CEF and wants to protect CEF as well."

As you can see from the picture, her best friends are nuns and Lien is studying Buddhism with the goal of becoming a Buddhist nun. Lien says about herself: "According to Buddhist theory, I suffered from many adversities in the past, which makes me have lust, hatred and delusion, so I want to be a nun in order to have peace in my mind. For the rest of my life, I really hope that I will be in peace and contentment and that everything will be non-ego."