Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Photos of most of CEF's Quang Nam students on term 2 payment day

Last weekend CEF made term 2 payments to our Quang Nam students. Quite a few didn't make it due to illness, hospitalization, competitions, exams, or important extra tuition. Those student will be coming to the CEF office to receive term 2 payments.
The photos are of most of our CEF students from different districts here in Quang Nam.

About a sweet and hard-working student in need of a sponsor ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Vy

She is a sweet girl with a nice smile who was born into a large poor farming family. With her maternal grandmother too old to work and her father suffering from multiple diseases her mother is the main breadwinner in her family.

Thinking about her family’s situation to save money she decided to study on her own at home instead of taking extra tuition classes and despite having no teacher she has always got very good results for all her subjects over the years with an average score between 9.0/10 to 9.2/10. English and history are her best subjects for which she has won prizes in excellent students contests in her district. She is an amazingly good student considering she takes no extra tuition classes at all.

Her skinny and exhausted mother although burdened by the costs of her daughter's education has never had a thought of stopping her schooling because she wants to give all her children a full education so that they can have a better future. Being aware of this, N.A. always takes her studies very seriously so that she can do really well, and is hoping and dreaming of going to university so she can get a good job after graduation.

We are looking for a committed sponsor to help her complete her education enabling her to have a better future with choices. If she is sponsored she can continue with her grade 8 studies. Her sponsorship for the 2016-2017academic year is US$280.

Please get in touch if you would like to sponsor her:

Monday, February 13, 2017

A CEF visit to two girls ~ Guest blog by Graeme, CEF's Australian manager

CEF's Australian manager is in Vietnam for some months and wrote about the visit to these two girls on Saturday.
I first met the two girls who are being cared for by their granny when CEF went to make an initial assessment of their situation last year. What a delightful change I found on this visit. N and N were more confident and relaxed and granny, though still suffering from arthritis in her knees, which made walking hard, was much more cheerful. She makes and sells tofu with a sweet syrup in the local hamlet carrying her cooking stove and everything else. She used to have to walk all the way with two baskets and a pole to carry them on over her shoulder, but a compassionate neighbour gave her an electric bike and asked that she pay them back when she can. She commented that business was slow at present as so many families went away to see their families and hadn't returned yet, but was positive that business would pick up very soon.
(Photo by Graeme)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A CEF visit to a lovely and determined CEF student ~ Guest blog by CEF's Australian Manager

I recently went with one of our staff to visit children and their families. Several of them live in a local fishing hamlet at the mouth of the river. One of these was D. She was in good spirits doing very well at school and planning to do a hospitality training course locally when she finishes school next year so she can then study close to her family.

Over the Tet holidays she worked at a local restaurant earning good money. She enjoys earning as she then can help her mother who is very poor and has to support her children from a second marriage on her own. It was so good to see such a bright girl in difficult circumstances working so hard, having satisfaction from working, and having such clarity and determination regarding her future.