Sunday, December 22, 2013

Five girls now sponsored for three years with funds raised from the Hoi An Charity Christmas Bazaar

These girls from poor rural families now are in school and will be for three years as the Hoi An Charity Christmas Bazaar raised enough funds to help them with their education and education related costs.

This is such a wonderful gift for them; it will relieve the financial stress for their families, and give the girls three more years of education and help keep them safe.

Her mother is responsible for three children and elderly relatives on a very low income

Her mother works, but is also the sole carer for her three children and elderly parents-in-law

Her mother is responsible for two children and hardly earns enough to feed them let alone anything else. Fortunately she grows some vegetables so that helps hugely.

Her parents have a large family who they are determined to educate well, but now can't borrow any more funds for their education; therefore requested educational help for their youngest.

Her parents have poor health and disabilities making it impossible to afford the education costs for their two children.

We are thrilled that they have this wonderful support which was raised from the Bazaar and are guaranteed of an education for the next three years.

Thanks to all involved with putting the Bazaar on and all those who helped on the day and attended as you all helped make this possible!