Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Duyen ~ my left-hand

Duyen is my left-hand here in Vietnam. She is a vital member of the Children's Education Foundation team. Well here in Vietnam the only permanent CEF workers are her and I. She is the only person in CEF who receives a salary. I feel very blessed to have someone so multi-talented and skilled to help CEF with its work.

Fortunately she also has a good heart, hopefully both physically as well as emotionally, which is what I am referring to. When we receive information on some children CEF has been requested to consider helping, she is very sad on reading their story and why they are requesting assistance with their education. When not looking after her own children or CEF's children she is doing other charity work. I am not sure how she fits it all in as she is raising and home educating her two young children as well. She helps CEF with official paperwork, translations and transcribing, reports, accounts, spreadsheets, arranges home visits and transport and helps create better systems and much, much more.

Well I do know how she does it; she is very organized, efficient and intelligent. She is a university graduate in IT with many skills, both life skills and business administration skills. Her CV included a long list of skills and these were just the first few:
Website builder and master of using ASP, MS Front page, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Image Ready 7.0
Proficient in installation of computer software and hardware
Proficient in Microsoft Office applications - Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Graphics software skills - Adobe Photoshop
Conflict resolution and troubleshooting skills
Well developed research, data collation, analysis and report writing skill
Office & Business Administration Management
Financial Management - Bookkeeping and Accounting skills
Accurate data entry skills
Excellent document formatting skills

But what I have found unique is that she can initiate, inspire, take a lot of responsibility and is also hard working and trustworthy. These skills are not easily found locally. I still am discovering more of her abilities and good qualities. I feel I am blessed personally as well as CEF, to have her help us achieve our work.

I recently had good news that she is able to stay on one more year and am very pleased to be working alongside her for another year!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Information on Making a Donation

How to Make a Donation

We appreciate all donations as each and every one of them makes a difference to the life of an impoverished Vietnamese child.

Donations from Americans and Canadians

Please make a check out to ‘Children’s Education Foundation – Vietnam’ and post it to the USA Coordinator - Stephen Jackel at 277 Broadway, Suite 1010, New York, NY 10007.
Please attach a note stating whether you need a receipt and what the funds for (a general donation, for a year of an ongoing sponsorship of a particular child, and please name the child, or request a child, or education funds for a non-specific child)

Donations from Australians (and everyone else except Americans and Canadians)

Preferably deposit funds into ‘Children’s Education Foundation’ account at Commonwealth Bank, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022. Account: 10955621, BSB: 062-124
Please send an email to Graeme Burn at stating how much you deposited and whether you need a receipt and what the funds for (a general donation, for a year of an ongoing sponsorship of a particular child, and please name the child, or request a child, or education funds for a non-specific child)
Registered in Vietnam: AT 414/UB-HD & New South Wales, Australia: CFN 17865 & New York State, USA: EIN: 27-0552998

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vietnamese Women Work Hard

Many Vietnamese women work very hard mainly at poorly paid jobs. This is because they can't get well paid work as they are uneducated or partially educated due to having ended schooling after primary school.

A child in school won't be amongst the millions who are vulnerable to traffickers. She won't be one of those trafficked into exploitative work; into the commercial sexual industry.

An education means she will have good job opportunities and a much higher income when she becomes a woman. Please help give a girl an education, future work opportunities and a life to be proud of.

For donations:
Please see our blog'Information on Making a Donation'
Or Americans can contact Stephen at
and Australians can contact Graeme at