Thursday, May 5, 2022

One of CEF's new Scholarship Programs ~ By CEF staff Kim Chi

 CEF's Kim Chi shares about a new Scholarship Program which we are raising funds for at present in Dong Giang, in Quang Nam province. 

All funds raised will be matched, through doTERRA's Healing Hands Foundation, enabling us to help twice as much!

'CEF has done research trips to set up new Scholarship Programs for the next academic year, 2022 - 2023. We would love to help more ethnic girls to finish high school and take further education if possible.

One of the programs I am working on, which we’ll start next term, is to help 20 ethnic girls in Quang Trung High school of Dong Giang district, providing them with a scholarship each term and any urgent family support that is needed. In second term of 2022-2023 we will help more girls and run a ‘Career Guidance’ workshop for them. 

We hope that the girls will be able to go to university to have more choices in the future, broaden their thinking and change their lives. As a result, they will be able to break the poverty cycle of their families.'

This is the link for donations to be matched:

On the way to the school

                                            The school

The boarding facilities 

The school's vegetable garden

One of the girl interviewed was Dien, who lives in a small wooden shack with a seperate one for the kitchen. Due to an accident dad can't do much, but sells some candies and cakes from home and mum is a labourer on acacia plantations when there is work. She's the brightest student in her class. 

U, was one of the students we met and sadly dad is a violent alcoholic. She loves school and dreams of being a teacher with the goal of being in a position to escape poverty.

Interviewing Vi for the scholarship program in her home. Her father passed about when she was five and mum has poor health making it hard to cover the basics. She wants to be educated and become a teacher. 

Names changed