Friday, October 1, 2021

A new sponsorship

CEF's Kim Chi shares about a newly sponsored student:

Duyen is a new student we took into CEF’s education sponsorship program this year starting with grade 10. Not only is she a ‘good’ student but also caring and responsible. Living with her dear mom and grandparents in a remote area since her parents divorced, she is aware of her family’s poverty and tries harder each year with her studies. It is wonderful that she is sponsored to continue her education. Big thanks to CEF’s big sponsor, Mr Richard for making this possible. Here is Duyen’s message she wanted to share when I called to let them know she got sponsorship from CEF. 

‘I am truly thrilled to receive your support which is also of sentimental value, to motivate me to try harder in the future. I cannot choose the family I live with, but I can opt for the way to live. Although my parents divorced when I was three years old, my mother brought me up in her tiny warm hands and gave me all her love. My grandparents love me so much, and they are nearly 90 years old. Being aware of my family’s poverty, I have always try my best to attain good results over the years. My achievements will bring me a better future and also make my family proud of me. From now on, I have you who will accompany me on my pathway, so I really appreciate it. Thank you!’