Sunday, September 28, 2014

While out and about doing home visits this weekend

Besides the delight of seeing the CEF children, it is always a stimulating and interesting visual experience being out and about visiting different areas and the children's homes. It gives a sense of the country and the lives of the people.

While out and about doing CEF home visits early in the morning

We start our CEF home visits early and there is a treat awaiting us each morning; the early morning peace, the beauty of early morning light and the dew on the grass.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Her parents committed suicide; a decade on her dream is coming true

No one seems to know what the full story is. The fact is that her father killed her mother, and then himself.

She has found it hard to live with this sad reality and ten years on is no longer a depressed and sad child. She has blossomed into a lovely, thoughtful, grateful young lady.

Because she is sponsored through CEF she has had the support to complete school, which she thought would never be possible, and now is thrilled to be in teacher training college.

Recently when we met with her we were surprised by the maturity she expressed at 19. She shared the following reflections on her life:

"Because I can go to college my dream can come true. I can get quality education and a good and stable job in the future."

"Spirit is more important than education. My spirit has become much better, much stronger. I know that lots of people love me and this is important to me." 

"It is like a bike, the wheels go round and round but they need the connecting bar to do that. I need my spirit to be strong to connect all the other things in my life, so I can benefit from my education and from my life experiences." 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A new second hand bike; now she can get to school

Many children can't get to school easily or quickly without a bike, so CEF started 'Bikes for School'. We purchase second hand bikes for the children who are in need of a bike to get to school. We get them repaired and then give them to the children. 

It is always touching to see how pleased they are with their 'new' bikes. CEF has just given another lovely second hand bike which was most gratefully received.