Saturday, April 30, 2022

New Scholarship Program

It's an exciting time for us at CEF!

What makes us excited this time? It's a new Scholarship Program we are preparing for that starts in August 2022! This program is based in Dong Giang about three hours away from our base in Hoi An, a trip that takes one through beautiful lush mountains.

The school we will be working with has predominently ethnic students, about 90%, mainly coming from Co Tu communities. There are about 69 girls who are doing well in school and are ambitious, these girls we will be considering for our Scholarship Program.

Also! Yes also! We have another smaller Scholarship Program we will be starting at the same time. The high school we will be working with is in Hiep Duc where there is a small number of ethnic girls who are doing well in school. 

We have some funds for the Scholarship Programs, but not enough, so we are fundraising over May and June to ensure all the students we wish to help are supported with a scholarship which will cover costs they have for their education, uniforms and school supplies. As well as that we wish to raise funds for urgent support for the girls and their families too, such as major health issues and accidents and unfortunately poor families rarely have savings to deal with these issues.

These funds will be MATCHED, so this is an excellent time to donate for the Scholarship Programs!

If helping and having your funds MATCHED appeals, write to us and we can give details on the account to use:

(The photos are by Graeme Burn from this trip)

Friday, March 18, 2022

A change for the better

  Photos of Tuyen with family back in 2011

CEF's Lua shares about one of our CEF families who no longer is struggling financially:

On a recent home visit we were so happy to get to know that Tuyen’s family is no longer struggling to make ends meet. 

Tuyen is one of CEF's grade 9 students living in Thang Binh and CEF has been supporting her for 9 years. 

Because her parents are blind,  we always have made sure she has enough funds for her education, as well as food or any other support needed.

Her parents used to rent a house on the main road to use as a spa, but about six months ago they had to close the door as they couldn’t earn because of Covid and Covid's social restrictions. Luckily, her father came up with a great idea that he should move his spa to their home in order to save on rent. He also lowered the price of his massages so that more of the local villagers could come to try massage and acupressure at an affordable cost. After three months of working from home he has many repeat customers. More and more people after having therapy at his home are recommending him to their families and friends as they are getting relief from their daily pain due to their spinal degeneration.

The whole family is so happy because now they can manage their finances themselves.  

Recent photo of Tuyen

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Vietnamese New Year

CEF staff wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Vietnamese New Year, Tet!

We all have one and a half weeks off to enjoy the New Year celebrations and time with family and friends. Our students will be off from school and many of their parents will also have time off from work. Others will do doing double shifts in factories to earn extra while many are off and they have this opportunity. For those with little, it's a tough time of year financially, leaving many in debt. 

Tet is considered the most important event of the year. Most Vietnamese believe that how they end and start the new year influences their luck and finances. We help with food parcels with some staples but also special Tet foods to help relieve their financial burden. These we gave recently to most CEF families as most needed that support. We appreciate the donations to have made this possible. The children and families were so grateful! 

To anyone who celebrates Tet we hope you enjoy yours too!


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

A vast improvement in her results (The Vietnamese translation follows the English)

CEF's Ngoc Do shares about one of our CEF students she has known for ages and recently has seen a huge improvement in her results:

Thanh is growing up so quickly that I can’t believe she is already in grade 12 this year! I first met her when she was in grade 3 and in her old, small house, full of memories between her and her dear father. Since her father died from a heart attack, the family moved to a new house near her grandmother’s one. In the beginning, she was still shocked about the sudden death of her father and she didn’t concentrate on her studies. However, the older she gets, the more aware she gets, and she has made lots of effort to improve her school results as I can see her performance at school is getting better each year. Recently I received her good results and feel very proud of her. Through talking many times with Thanh and her mother, I know that she did try a lot and was working very hard. 

Although she doesn’t want to continue her education after high school and go onto university, I believe that she will be successful in the future as she is very determined to do what she chooses.

Thanh ngày một lớn hơn và tôi không nghĩ là em  đã học lớp 12 rồi. Nhớ lần đầu gặp em là khi em mới học lớp 3 tại ngôi nhà nhỏ và đã cũ của em, ngôi nhà mang đầy những kỷ niệm giữa em và người cha yêu dấu. Kể từ khi ba em mất vì đột quỵ, cả gia đình em đã chuyển vào ở nhà mới,  gần nhà nội. Thời gian đầu sau khi ba qua đời, Thanh vẫn chưa kịp chấp nhận sự mất mát này và vì vậy, em ấy đã không tập trung vào việc học. Tuy nhiên, càng lớn, em càng nhận ra tầm quan trọng của việc học và em đã nỗ lực rất nhiều để cải thiện việc học của mình. Và quả thực, tôi có thể thấy kết quả của em đang ngày một tiến bộ hơn. Em vừa gửi kết quả học tập cho tôi gần đây và tôi không thể không tự hào về em và sự phấn đấu của em. Nhiều lần trò chuyện cùng em và mẹ, tôi cảm nhận được em đã cố gắng rất nhiều cũng như đã rất siêng năng học tập. 

Mặc dầu T không muốn tiếp tục học đại học, nhưng tôi tin rằng, với sự quyết tâm theo đuổi lựa chọn của mình, em sẽ thành công một ngày không xa. 

(Name changed)