Friday, March 30, 2012

Visit to Blue Dragon Children's Foundation

I believe it is encouraging for NGO workers to share the work they do as we can always have something to offer each other.

Last week I visited Blue Dragon Children's Foundation head office in Hanoi. They are a grassroots charity working with kids in crisis throughout Vietnam. Two staff members most generously gave of their time resulting in a very interesting visit. The work they do is most impressive and makes a large difference to many children's lives.

With education at the heart of everything they do, Blue Dragon sets out to transform the lives of the poorest children and families.

Their kids come from many backgrounds, but all are in difficult circumstances and all needing a chance to make a change.

They meet the kids on the streets, at their workplaces, or in their homes and work with them until they can stand on their own feet and live happy, prosperous lives.

Michael Brosowski, the Founder of Blue Dragon says:

"All children have the right to be children: to be safe, to attend school, to play, to be treated with respect, to be heard, to be understood and to be loved."

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