Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Children's Education Foundation is committed to helping these girls next year when they are old enough to start school

These children come from very poor families. Some of the children in these families have already been removed from school at a young age and the parents know that without financial help they will need to withdraw more of their children and not put in their youngest when they reach school age. The sadness on the parents faces shows when they talk about this reality. Therefore Children's Education Foundation - Vietnam has already committed to helping these little ones when they are old enough to start school next year.

We believe an education gives a child a better future with many more choices; the potential to have a very good income, be able to help their extended family out of poverty, be content to marry later and have children later, have more self-respect and greater intolerance of disrespect and abuse, be a better farmer, parent and partner, and make a positive contribution to their local community.

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