Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brian, one of Children's Education Foundation board members is here in Vietnam

Brian, one of our Children's Education Foundation board members and also a retired accountant, is here in Vietnam. It's lovely to see him and for CEF to have his help yet again!

He met Lien one of the girls in our education program, a tiny 10 year old nun. Her mother wasn't available to look after her as her little brother has leukaemia, so Lien wandered the streets and begged. A nun took her in and cares for her and CEF supports her to be educated. 

He met our part time staff over dinner and got to see how multi-talented and delightful they are. He spent some time with Hieu looking at the books and seeing if she was able to work with the system he had set up. She was managing fine and had even added to it. 

He helped with shopping for our summer outings for the children in our education programs; for prizes and games equipment, including a very long rope for 'tug of war'. It saved me a lot of time! 

He met the Houston University team we work with on microloans and Mr Long their professor who shared their new ideas had open up the possibility for many more of our families to have microloans.

Now he is heading to the north, to Phuc Le in Thai Binh province where we have an education program. He visits the children yearly to assess, to see how they are doing with school and at home, and to see if any circumstances have changed in their family situations. We also check on their study environment, and last year  Brian found some needed lamps, desks and chairs. When I visited in September we gave these to the children who needed them.  

It will take 3 days for him to visit all the children in their homes. Brian knows them well now and looks forward to his visits.

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