Monday, September 3, 2012

Tough Mudder Fundraising for Children's Education Foundation

A recent donation made possible the purchase of these books for the children!Two of our staff went book shopping this weekend and chose a wonderful selection of books!

Morwenna, one of my children is raising funds for Children's Education Foundation through her and her teams efforts in perhaps the worlds toughest physical competition!! I can't even imagine the training they are doing to be able to do this competition!

The funds Morwenna and her team will raise doing this very, very tough competition go towards the Children's Education Foundation mobile library, most will go towards getting a motorbike, book boxes, and a frame made to carry book boxes and many books.

We will then have the means to frequently get these books to the children in the many communities we help throughout Quang Nam and Da Nang. The more funds we have the more books we can get, which will allow us to get books be be shared with all their siblings and if funds allow we can purchase educational books for the parents as well.

Last week which was the beginning of this term we started this project on a very small scale; we took the books we had to the children when we visited them. This week we took some more. Next week we have many more to take the children we will see over the weekend.

CEF financially supports many children to have an education, but we wish to further support literacy amongst the children we have in school in our sponsorship programs; this obviously increases their knowledge, but also opens up possibilities in thinking; opens up their world.

A highly literate person is a more employable person; this is very important especially in developing countries!

Please support this education project, which helps the children to be better students, have better tertiary education possibilities, open up their world and help give them have better futures with more choices!

Please donate on this site:

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