Saturday, December 29, 2012

Home visits in Duy Xuyen

Today I was thinking about changes in the lives of some of the children in our Duy Xuyen education program.

When we first started helping some of these Duy Xuyen children six years ago they only had what we would consider temporary homes; homes made from various materials such as wood planks, bamboo, plant fibres, aluminium sheeting, plastic sheeting and they all had mud floors. Because some of them are registered as very poor with the local government, those families have been given grants to build small new homes. Not really enough funding to do so, but a good start with a bank loan or loan from relatives or help from another charity to build little homes.

It was good to reflect on the fact that their lives are easier now; they have stable homes and educational support for their children. They are still poor, but have their children in school, and have homes that are fairly waterproof, making their lives easier and less stressful; although most of them now have home loans.

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