Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's an orphan?

A child in an orphanage is not necessarily an orphan, if we mean an orphan is someone without parents.

In most orphanages in Vietnam that I have been to or heard about the majority of the children have parents.

Most of the children have parents who are poor and they can't care for them well, or their parents are alcoholics and won't want to care for them, or they have too many children and can't afford their care.

There are orphanages throughout Vietnam that are truely caring places for children and they are better in the orphanage than at home. Unfortunately that is not the majority. Many have become thriving businesses, for the management at least, with children not receiving any of the financial benefit or the wonderful gifts of toys and games.

Children's Education Foundation does what we can to keep orphaned children with any remaining family, whether an aunt, uncle, or grandparents. This keeps them part of their family still, part of their community and allows them to continue school with their friends.

(These three girls do not have living parents, but do having aunts, uncles and grandparents to help care for them)

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