Monday, July 22, 2013

CEF is fortunate to have Ngoc working full time now; here she introduces herself

I am Ngoc. I have just graduated from the College of Foreign Languages at Da Nang University. I like travelling, watching films(especially Korean films), shopping and reading detective novels.

I also like peace and really hate a noisy and busy atmosphere. It is lucky that I was born in Hoi An. It seems that the living rhythm here is so suitable for me.

Up till now, I have worked for CEF as the education program assistant for nearly a year. I am responsible for the children in our education programs in Da Nang, Dai Loc and Dien Ban. Besides that, I am also responsible for the Mobile Library program. Having worked for CEF for around a year, I had a chance to enrich my knowledge and get more experience in working for an NGO. I realize that I am really keen on working in this field. I am too young and I had no experience when starting working for CEF, but thanks to Linda and her staff, I think I am more mature now. They are very nice with me and help me a lot. I love my part-time job now and love the working environment in CEF so I did apply for a full time staff position.

I am interested in doing charity work because I want to help the poor, especially the poor children. I hope they can have a strong belief in their bright future, which is possible if they try hard to study now. I do believe that if we try our best, we can overcome challenges or obstacles in life.

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