Friday, November 29, 2013

Snippets of a little girls letters to her sponsor

This little girl lost her dad from a heart attack while the family were all sleeping together in the family bed. It has affected her health and emotional well-being hugely.

As you know, my father died of a heart attack a year ago and it is a loss not only spiritually, but also in a material way. Everything is on my mother’s shoulder now. She has to be the breadwinner in my family and also the stable person for all of us to lean on.

My health is not good. I usually get sick with fevers and coughs and it also takes my mother‘s time and money. I sometimes hate myself and just want to be healthy and mature quickly to help my mom.

At school I am fond of art, which attracts me a lot. I do not know the reason why, but when I draw, I feel that my dad, who died, is next to me. Maybe, it is due to the fact that I usually draw about my happy family from when I had my dad.

I also like learning English because it is so interesting. My teacher shows me how to read and write a new word. I think it is quite exciting to know a new language and use it. I do like English so I will try my best to study well.

When I have free time, I often help my mom with things such as feeding the chicken and sweeping my floor. I am very happy because I can help my mother a little bit.

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