Sunday, April 13, 2014

We briefly saw all our Quang Nam children this weekend

It was lovely to see all our Quang Nam children and one of their parents, or grandparents or relatives over the last two days! We made school payments for the second term and so we only saw them briefly to do the necessary paperwork and to take a quick photo. And while we waited for the last of the children to arrive two of our little angels sang for us which was delightful.

We now are doing all payments in government offices in each of the children's home area or near their home area. This is a new step for us to work so closely with a government partner. It has involved many more work days and masses more paperwork naturally, but is also a positive step.

It helps us with accountability too and it also means we can ask them to make sure that a child and family is truly deserving of CEF's support and help. Fairly recently we interviewed a child and we were a little dubious about their situation as mum was incredibly shy and not forthcoming, making it very difficult to know the full story. Our partner organization in that area confirmed that they were very poor.

Over the next 7 weekends we will be visiting each one in their homes for a more in depth end of year assessment. As tiring as these days are we, thoroughly enjoy having time with the children and families. We feel that it is very important to know each family well, know their situation and their challenges and to be able to help where appropriate.

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