Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A letter from a CEF girl to her sponsor - Guest blog by Kim Chi

I love the way this little girl writes her letter to her sponsor; it’s very simple and honest about her feelings. Although she’s just in grade 5, she is a very thoughtful girl.

Many children like Tet as they will have new clothes, but this girl likes Tet because this is the only time when her family gather together. I can understand her desire as her mother and her brother work far from the family home, and her sister studies far away too. She stays at home with her brother and her granny lives nearby. For this girl, at Tet, the most importance thing is to be with her family.

......How are you? I am well. I have just finished my term 1 examinations and I am now looking forward to my Tet holiday because my mother, my sister and my brother will come back to the family home for Tet, and it will be a very happy time.

After school I often help my granny with some chores and then have lunch and dinner with her. She loves me so much. I often go to my aunt’s house to play with my cousin who always smiles when I come to play with her. Although my mother, my brother and my sister aren't at home, I feel happy when I play with my cousin.

I hope you are always in good health, happy and successful.......

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