Friday, February 20, 2015

Trip to the mountains to give desks to girls in a boarding school - Guest blog and photos by Graeme

Last November we visited a school a two hours drive from CEF's office in the mountains close to the border with Laos. Many of the girls are ethnic Gie Trieng at this school and they board because their families live too far away. We found that the best way we could help them was to donate small desks for them to do their homework on. They'd been working in their dorms on their beds, without any desks, which was not the best for their hand writing and their backs.

Here are some pictures of our second visit last week to deliver the desks to 47 girls.

It was the last day of school before their New Year holidays and the girls were dressed and ready to go home. 

I wasn't sure about the choice of decorations on the desks, but the girls were happy.

Our colleague from the Women's Union, helped with the presentations. 

And so did the headmistress.

CEF staff Kim Chi and Ngoc with one of the girls with her desk in the dorm.
And now ready to do homework!

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