Wednesday, January 6, 2016

About my maternity leave & returning to work ~ Guest blog by CEF's Kim Chi

I have come back to work after 5 months off work to have a baby.

Having a baby has changed my life a lot. The time off seems to have passed quickly. All my personal likes and habits have to stop to focus on taking care of my daughter. I only have a short time at night to read books and to do household chores when she sleeps.

My daughter always smiles even she sees people for the first time. Vietnamese people say she always smiles because I smiled a lot when I was pregnant. That seems true to me as I smiled every day when I worked at CEF during my pregnancy. I felt very happy every morning when I went to CEF for working, and with having humorous colleagues, I laughed a lot.

I was very eager to come back to work to see my co-workers. There is a lot of work I have to update even after a short time off work, but I will catch up quickly.

Leaving my daughter at home with my mother is quite hard for me as I miss her a lot, but I will adapt because I love work.

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