Sunday, July 10, 2016

One of the girls in need of a scholarship ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Vy

This young lady comes from one of the poor communes in Phuoc Son District.  All five family members live in a small house made of bricks with a corrugated iron roof. Currently her father works as a farmer to feed the family because her mother has recently given birth. She will work again as a food seller when her new child is old enough to go to infant care.  She said her parents worked very hard with planting paper trees on their poor quality field on the mountain and they raise chickens. However, bad weather conditions and slow growth of the trees mean her family have an unstable income. Moreover, her father has not yet paid off the bank loan of US$1,500. The father has to work not only to support the family and but also to pay interest every month.
No matter how difficult life is her father is very happy and feels lucky to have a good and obedient daughter like her. Not only is she a fair student with a 7.9/10 average, but she also saves money for buying her study materials. During the school year she lives away from home and near her school. She works as a tutor for her host’s daughter in exchange for free accommodation. In addition, she is very creative as she likes making some simple toys with plastic bottles, paper and dried flowers in her free time.
She hopes she will receive a scholarship as she wishes to have money to buy books and attend extra tuition classes in her worst subjects. She has a dream of being a Primary School Teacher, and she optimistically believes that she will pass the entrance exams into a Pedagogy University.

A scholarship for two years will be supportive in leading her to the stage of applying to university and making her dream come true.

US$150 a year scholarship

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