Friday, January 20, 2017

Recent fundraising has enabled CEF to provide Tet Food Parcels, Lucky Money, as well as educational sponsorships for two girls

Recent fundraising in Australia organized by Graeme, CEF's Australian manager, enabled CEF to provide many Tet (New Year) food parcels and 'Lucky Money' envelopes to children here in Vietnam. These children are from families that are too poor to afford any special foods as well as a sack of rice, which would allow them to enjoy their New Year celebrations. We also gave each child some 'Lucky Money' in a red envelope.

Besides this wonderful result, there were enough funds to help two girls stay in school by providing them with educational sponsorships.

This girl's mother died from breast cancer and dad who has back damage is challenged to work much. He is the sole care giver of his daughter and strongly believes in girls being educated so works hard until the pain is too much, then rests a few weeks, then works until he is in pain again. He can't work enough to cover all her education costs which now are very high as she is in her last year of high school. She deserves support as each year she is the best student in her year.

Sadly for this young girl and the family, mum is dying of breast cancer. Dad is struggling to support three children, one of whom has special needs. He also is supporting his elderly parents. This CEF educational support will help relieve some of the burden he has.

Thank you Graeme, your many friends, English language examiners and the administrators at examinations for this amazing support!

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