Monday, February 13, 2017

A CEF visit to two girls ~ Guest blog by Graeme, CEF's Australian manager

CEF's Australian manager is in Vietnam for some months and wrote about the visit to these two girls on Saturday.
I first met the two girls who are being cared for by their granny when CEF went to make an initial assessment of their situation last year. What a delightful change I found on this visit. N and N were more confident and relaxed and granny, though still suffering from arthritis in her knees, which made walking hard, was much more cheerful. She makes and sells tofu with a sweet syrup in the local hamlet carrying her cooking stove and everything else. She used to have to walk all the way with two baskets and a pole to carry them on over her shoulder, but a compassionate neighbour gave her an electric bike and asked that she pay them back when she can. She commented that business was slow at present as so many families went away to see their families and hadn't returned yet, but was positive that business would pick up very soon.
(Photo by Graeme)

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