Thursday, August 17, 2017

Part of a letter of one of CEF's university students

This is part of a letter from one of our CEF students at university about the challenges of adjusting to this new and different life and about the challenges of budgeting. All our students receive budgeting training either in the last year of high school or in the first year of university. Some get the knack of it and some don't unfortunately.  

....I am now a university student and I find my life has changed a lot. From being a girl living under the protection and care of my parents, I am now living alone in another city and I always have to manage on my own and adapt to my new environment alone. When I miss my parents, I usually call and talk to them on the phone. It helps me a lot because at least I feel their care despite not being able to talk with them face to face.
However, money is the most significant thing I have been worried about. Sometimes I run out of food money and only have instant noodles to eat for a while but I do not want to ask my parents to send me money too often.
I know that my education will be a long and challenging road but I will do my best to get to the end as I have chosen this journey and it will bring me a brighter future.......

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