Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Period Poverty ~ Guest blog by CEF's Australian manager Graeme

 I read this recently, "Struggling to afford sanitary products is just another burden for low-income women - who are normally the ones taking care of everyone else too."

The article reported on girls missing school during menstruation because they didn't have anything but rags or newspaper to use. Poor rural girls and women struggling to feed their families and unable to afford what we take for granted to bring some freedom and dignity to their lives? No. This was is Scotland.

It brought to mind the high school girls in central Viet Nam CEF supports. Girls from ethnic minorities who are supported by the government to attend school but whose allowances aren't even enough for education supplies or extra tuition sessions. As they come from poor families their parents can't provide enough funds for these education extras or for breakfast or personal items such as sanitary pads.  A US$200 annual scholarship make a big difference to each girl, apart from reducing the risk of them being taken out of school, it provides them with funds for extra tuition sessions and school supplies.

This Sunday, October 8th we'll be taking sanitary kits, including washable pads, to the girls in the Phuoc Son Scholarship Program.  These colourful and practical kits were donated by 'Days for Girls' and will ensure they don't miss any days of school.

*Guardian 9/8/17 

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