Saturday, May 12, 2018

Wishing our CEF mothers a 'Happy Mother's Day'

They won't be celebrating Mother's Day, but I am thinking of them. I think of them often and highly respect them. They may not be educated, but they know how to work hard and do whatever they can to support their families. Besides being hard-working, they are caring and loving mothers and do the best they can. Sometimes they are in tears telling us about their stresses knowing they can't push their bodies any more to work any extra hours, yet can't make ends meet.  They often feel they are terrible mothers as they are working all the time and not home much, and are not available for their children much. Sadly they have no choice.  

When I hear their stories of their ongoing work and work hours it is hard to believe they can do it. I just don't know how they can day after day as I know I couldn't! Poverty and lack of education is the reason that keeps them working. They have no choice.  An education makes all the difference and gives choices!

This mother is a rice farmer and grows vegetables for the family. Her husband can't help due to a stroke, so she has to earn to support two children, herself and her husband. When she can get any extra work she takes it on, such as making chairs, working for other farmers, or doing some forestry work.

 This mother is a rice farmer, and grows vegetables to eat and sell. She has no husband to help with earning to support her mother and daughter.

This mother is a rice farmer and garbage collector. She has no husband to help with earning to support her mother and two daughters.

She is a rice farmer and peanut farmer. She also collects garbage to help earn enough to support her three children. Her husband died many years ago so she has no one else to help.

 Rice, peanut and corn farming and working in a factory full time keep this mother occupied 7 days a week and 14 hours a day. Her husband can't help with bringing in an income as he has serious back damage, but he can be home for the children.

She is a rice farmer and has some livestock in an effort to bring in enough income to support her three children and her mother. Dad died a few years ago.  

For these women it is impossible to pay for their children's education and one or two of their children are sponsored through CEF, removing some of the financial burden for these mothers.

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