Monday, July 22, 2019

Updates and interviews in Phuoc Son District

Each summer we do updates of our CEF scholarship students and interview more students for the program. It's always a humbling trip. Poverty seems to be normal up there in the ethnic communities of Phuoc Son District and we hope that by helping some of the girls from these communities become well educated it will not only change the their futures but also the future of their families and communities. 
At the end of this year we will have our first university graduate from this district. She has been studying to be a biology teacher. She has lined up a job which is hers if she does well and if she attends a required course for those who wish to become a government employee. She is determined to have this job so I am sure she will do her very best.  

Photos of scenery from the area, a couple of homes and kitchens.   

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