Saturday, December 5, 2020

Home visits accompanied by photographer Manus Campbell

 Every term we visit all our CEF students at their homes, but some university students can't be there so they come to the office when they are available for their updates. 

It's a chance to see how they are, how the families are, the condition of their homes, to see if their finances have increased or decreased. We also discuss their education and provide suggestons to deal with educational challenges. 

Our older students from grade 8 receive mentoring on home visits too. This is important as they frequently know of few careers except what they see in their lives, such as shopkeeper, bank clerk, teacher, doctor, nurse, waitress, cook and tailor.  If none of those appeal or are realistic, they often are stuck on choosing a career. In this case we introduce the Holland Test that accesses their interests and their abitilies and gives a long list of potential careers, that our students then researches. As in many countries if the student focuses on the university requirement for that subject, they have a much greater chance of entry so it is important to try to choose a future career when in grade 9 before entering high school. As many of us didn't know what we really wanted to do until our thirties or fourties, this clearly is a challenge for them.    

Manus who is sponsor, board member and part of our marketing team, as well as a professional photographer, loves to come on home visits to see his children, as well as the others and to take photos for us.  We appreciate having these photos to share with sponsors and for the stories we write.  Below are some photos he took on recent home visits.


This last one I tool on Manus's camera

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