Saturday, September 4, 2021

School is about to start

School is about to start

It's been a strange year or so for our students with some online learning and some class time. Being in class is not what it used to be though, as now there are half the numbers in class and wearing masks. In the play ground all play has to be without close proximity and some schools don't allow play time.

Many more people have asked for help this year as many have been without employment for some time. It's been a hard time on families here, but this is not an unusual picture around the world now, due to Covid. 

We have scholarship and sponsorship students in need of help and if helping a girl to remain in school is of interest please do get in touch. 

Sponsorship costs depend on the grade the girl is in:

Primary US$260 a year

Secondary US$320 a year

High school US$385 a year

Scholarships are for high school students in the mountains near the Vietnam-Laos border and these are for ethnic students, although occasionally we help others when in urgent need of support:

US$200 a year

Reporting on the students is once a year with photos, a message to the sponsor and a report on their year.

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