Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dai Loc Orphanage

Last month we visited Dai Loc Orphanage to discover the truth, as I had been told two completely different stories; one was they urgently needed help there and one was they didn't.

The buidlings were in good condition, having recently been renovated and decorated by another charity. The rooms were sweet; nice wooden furniture and chequered curtains. The 44 children were either doing homework, sleeping or watching TV; noone was playing games or talking. Play was missing.

We met one of the mothers to hear her ideas about the childrens needs. She asked us to fund a girl to study vetinary science and then we discovered from the girl that she didn't even like animals: we then decided not to make our conclusions on what we heard, but on what we saw.

Conclusions: My lovely volunteer and her good friend wanted to have time with some children who needed play and companionship. These were the kids! The kids were keen to learn English. It was decided to start with English classes taught through activities and games.

Moving on - C & L's creative classes are going well. The kids enjoy themselves and are always thrilled to hear they will be returning the following week. C & L are very loving and sweet with the children; resulting in the kids coming out of their shells quickly.

More will be added as the weeks move on with a sandpit,break dancing and singing in the plans.

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