Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The forcast says rain for the next 10 days; that's fine for me as I have a dry home and dry clothes to return to

Tuesday 8th September

I looked this evening to see what the weather forecast was; they predict another 10 days rain.
After a week of rain it's feeling a little challenging to greet another 10 wet early mornings with enthusiasm. All my wet weather footwear is soggy and needs drying out. I have worn, and not had time to wash most of my black, grey and mud colored clothes and my waterproofs are as wet on the inside as the outside.

I have just decided to see this extended wet period positively; as after the following 10 days of rain we only have another 3 months more rain to go for this year. It could be worse.
I am very lucky really; I have a dry and welcoming home to go back to after a drenching. The large bouncy dog and meowing kitten greet me joyfully. I can have a hot shower, put some dry clothes on and slip on the slippers. These are simple luxuries for me, but may never be possible for many.

Right now P and her family are wet and have been for days under their pyrimid shaped home of corrugated metal panels. There is little reprieve for them. They can slip into a nearby relatives home for a few minutes here and there, but that's it, as there are already too many of them in there fighting and arguing. My assistant and I realized in our individual dry homes that they won't be dry for months.

CEF hasn't got funds to rehouse them. It's not work we do. We can find another organization to help, but that will take time and the thunder and lightening remind me there isn't time.

I have been torn about what to do due to it not being our area of work, but right now I have decided that we will find somewhere dry for them to live at least for the next 5 months of rain and winter weather. A mother with heart disease and two little children are at risk in such a vulnerable situation. With this decision I can got to sleep and start to find them a dry home tomorrow.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated from them and from us at CEF. With thanks, Linda

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