Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year & Birthday Presents to Create Change in Vietnam

I have reached a stage in life where I only really want presents that are meaningful to me,ones that have the potential to create change in my life or in the world. Some examples for me are a yoga teacher training course, spiritual retreats, or knowing I am putting a child through school who otherwise could not have an education. Maybe you are like me and the meaningful is important.

A very powerful thing to create change is to sponsor a child or co-share a sponsorship. Educating a child from an impoverished or marginalized family in Vietnam makes a difference not just for the child, but for their family and their community as well. The child has a more stable childhood and is more secure in their community and no longer vulnerable to traffickers. They have greater choice in careers as adults, bringing in a better income and are more useful members of their community.

The future looks bleak for many poor parents with children they can't afford to educate; it's a burden as nothing much can change as they still feel they will have a poor future. Out of desperation parents might abandon their children who are then at risk of being trafficked, or the parents realize they can make money by selling them to traffickers.

I hope you can help create change by buying some meaningful presents for your close friends and family this Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year and for forthcoming birthdays.

$20 for a beautiful CEF 2011 Calendar (see the 3 black framed photos in this blog from the calendar)

We have some CEF calendars left and as 2011 is nearly here we have reduced them to $20. The lovely photos have been taken by Shanti, my eldest daughter who has an artistic eye. They are of our northern project in Phuc Le. Profits will be used to buy desks, chairs and lamps for children who are doing homework on the floor in Phuc Le. This simple measure reduces their time off school due to chills.

Ongoing sponsorship is needed for 5 children (2 boys and 3 girls)at $150 each (at present)

Next year it will still be $150, but will rise for secondary and high school
Photos of 4 of these children I have added - Bi, the little boy, Loan with side bangs, Trinh with a touch of orange on her jacket and Y with a touch of yellow on hers.

Ongoing sponsorships for 7 children at $250 each
We have 7 children(2 boys and 5 girls)who each need a sponsor to pay $250 for them to go to school this year and each year until they complete school. Some finish this year,some in one, some in two and some in three years. Sponsorships can be shared.

University / College or Career Training $400-$1500
Each year we have children finish school who need sponsors to pay for their occupational training or college studies. This can be a shared cost by sponsors. Prices vary according to what they study and where they study. Each year it varies from $400-$500 for training and $800-$1500 for university. Training is usually complete in a year and university in 4-6 years.

I hope you are like me and want to make a difference even though a little one. I believe a little one is better than none especially if it means a child is safe from traffickers.

May you enjoy your end of year celebrations with those dear to you and wishing you all a meaningful 2011.


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