Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2011 Calendars can turn into desks

How do calendars turn into desks? It's simple. Buy three calendars and there is enough money to make a desk!

CEF Calendars are for sale and profits from three will provide a desk for a child who does homework on a cold floor in the north of Vietnam. Getting the children off the floor will help them have less chills through the winter and give them ultimately better school results due to better school attendance.

Very poor children sometimes don't have a choice and have to do their homework on the floor, while others do it on the family bed and some have floor-level desks and some a desk. Some children do homework at the family table and sometimes desks have to double up as storage facility too. Most of the children we help are very organized and neat.

The photos are of some of the children sponsored by CEF working at their desks or it's a photo of their desk which they wanted us to take. These photos are not from the calendar.

The pictures in the calendar are both interesting, colorful and lovely and were taken by Shanti my eldest on visits she did to Phuc Le to help with assessments. See another blog PROFITS TURN INTO CALENDARS FROM THE SALE OF THE CEF 2011 CALENDAR which has several photos from the calendar.

Supplies of calendars are available for you to buy for family and friends. They can be posted to you.

Graeme has some in Sydney: / or or Graeme's mobile is 0416 177 012

Stephen has a supply in New York: or 917 402 1249

You can buy them as birthday, Christmas or New Year presents and turn them into desks!

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