Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vietnamese Women Work Hard

Many Vietnamese women work very hard mainly at poorly paid jobs. This is because they can't get well paid work as they are uneducated or partially educated due to having ended schooling after primary school.

A child in school won't be amongst the millions who are vulnerable to traffickers. She won't be one of those trafficked into exploitative work; into the commercial sexual industry.

An education means she will have good job opportunities and a much higher income when she becomes a woman. Please help give a girl an education, future work opportunities and a life to be proud of.

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  1. Linda, it's a tremendous privilege to have this window into your selfless world - striving to give Vietnamese girls and their families a better future. Here is the link to the talk you gave in NYC last year - I hope many people watch it, know what you are doing with so little, and send whatever help they can your way:

  2. Hi Lynette, How lovely to hear from you with such support. It is greatly appreciated. Love, Linda