Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Children with new educational sponsorships

Recently we had four more sponsors take on five children's educational sponsorships which is wonderful news as that is five more girls who will have a complete education and not a future like three of their mothers who are garbage collectors.

Linda and her mother are sharing the college education costs of Thuy Hang. She will be very employable after completing college. She has just started her studies in administration. Thuy Hang has no one in her family to help her through college as both her parents drowned and all her siblings are poor.

Louise is sponsoring Hang and Hong whose single mother is both a rice farmer and garbage collector. She can't make a living as a rice farmer, but with being a garbage collector as well she has managed to look after the girls. But now their education costs have escalated with the rising costs due to the stage they are at in their education, and also due to inflation in Vietnam. This is wonderful news for their mother as this will relieve some of her stress. Besides financial worries, she has very poor health, as well as having a very ill, dying mother to care for.

Lynne is sponsoring both Phuong and An. They live near each other in the mountains and one of their mother's is a garbage collector, which is hard for her as she has poor health. The other mother makes rattan chairs as she had an accident and her leg is severely damaged so she can't walk easily or do any hard work. She only makes $1 per chair: someone else clearly is making the money from her hard work.

We always have girls (and a few boys) in need of sponsors; children who need a sponsor to enable them to receive an education, so if anyone is interested in helping a child from a poor family be educated, please do get in touch!

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