Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anh Thuong has a free place to study English at STEC

Anh Thuong now has a place at STEC, the local English language school, along with six other of our children. Anh Thuong is the youngest of the children we are helping by quite some years. She is very bright, sociable and already has some English because her mother speaks a little English and she has taught her what she knows.

It's wonderful to know they will have these free English classes for two years. They might even have sponsored places for longer. For example another one of our girls, Phuong, has been guaranteed free English classes at STEC for the whole of her schooling.

Hoi An's main industry is tourism. Good English is required for many jobs in Hoi An. Shop keepers, waitresses and restaurant managers, head of housekeeping, receptionists, spa workers and managers, tour guides and cooking school teachers, web designers and business managers all need good English. So this is a great advantage for the children to have this free help with their English.

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