Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fundraising & awareness-raising event put on by Go Philanthropic

Go Philanthropic, a philanthropic travel company who have already organized sponsorships for a couple of the CEF-Vietnam children, put on a fundraising and awareness-raising event for CEF-Vietnam and for other NGO's they support. It was also the offical launch of their charity arm.

They were sweet and wanted me to be there for the event and lined it up to cooincide with my visit to the States. They had a wonderful display for CEF, as well as for the other NGO's. There was quite a crowd there who were all interested in the work of each NGO that Go supports. As they travel around the world with their clients they visit these projects. So it was very interesting to learn about the work they support in developing and third world countries.

Lydia, her team, and family put on this wonderful event in a lovely, bright loft space, in an old warehouse in Rochester, New York. Thank you for this truly wonderful support for each of us and our work.

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