Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Food Parcels for New Year

New year food parcels have been promised for the five struggling mothers listed in the last blog! They will be thrilled!

In Vietnam the New Year is very special;it's a time of praying for the ancestors, paying off old debts, patching up arguments over meals, repair and repainting of homes, as well as feasting on special celebratory dishes. We have many families who can't afford the everyday basics, let alone any of the extra activities and foods of New year, and it is just a stressful time for them.

Chris is a couch-surfer and asks for donations towards charity work from his couch-surfing guests;the kitty has filled up and he is able to promise the five mothers I mentioned a new year food parcel each. This will enable them to have some special celebratory meals together. The parcel will contain many basics such as soy sauce, fish sauce, oil, dried fish and some New Year treats such as glutinous rice, special fruits and Banh Chung.

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