Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tet food parcels

Thank you so much everyone who donated to the fund for Tet food parcels for the poorest of the families we help. To us it seems such a little money for each of them, but for them it makes a big difference this Tet and for some time afterwards.

We met with the children and a family member or with a nun from a pagoda that helps us with the children. We met at three locations; at the CEF office, at Bao Thang pagoda and at the ferry port of the boat that goes to the Hoa Van community.

Our original plan for the food parcels made an unmanageable parcel. We had to change plans on the goodies, so it wasn't too heavy and could be carried. In the end staff made the decisions based on what they know is needed the most and would be appreciated. We gave to the poorest families mainly basics and a few treats. They received a small sack of rice, cooking oil, soy sauce, salt, sugar, mushroom seasoning, seaweed, crystalized ginger and some Tet candies. A high quality water proof was donated by Platinum Global and added to the parcel.

Some funds were received too late for this batch of pre-Tet food parcels, and these funds will also be used for food parcels, just post Tet. This gift will still be very needed and will help more families cover the last of the period of the year when they are poorest.

In the next few months the weather will be improving, they will have more work and income. In the meantime the food parcels will help them through this period.

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