Monday, April 9, 2012

Gael is in Hoi An

Gael is here in Hoi An!

Gael is one of our board members and has been wanting to come here for years to see our work in person. She is also a very good friend and I am thrilled she has come at last and brought Steve with her.

Yesterday was their first day in Hoi An and they chose to come on a rather long day (14 hours) of home visits of the children in one of our education sponsorship programs. They survived the 276 km of travel in Quan Nam province to Que Son, Nong Son, Hiep Duc, Nui Thanh and Tam Ky! They even flourished; I could see they loved being out in the countryside enjoying the scenery and meeting the children and families.

It was helpful having them with us as they asked many questions and had a different perspective to offer.

(Photos:Gael and Steve with Bao Linh and Gael with Buddhist nun Lien who are both in one of our education sponsorship programs.)

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